Digital Marketing Case Study

Company Overview

This school focuses on higher education for music, television, video production and other liberal arts programs.

Bringing tangible experience to the classroom this school prides itself in hands on learning teaching skills that are immediately useful to their graduates.

The Challenge

The client needed to continue to drive enrollment and leads to it’s admissions department to fuel it’s continually growing programs and classes.

Their cost per lead through other online marketing was too high and they needed a provider who could deliver a cost per lead below $400.

The Plan

By combining behavior, content, IP and retargeting the team was able to reach the client’s target / potential student with great school, efficiency and accuracy at all stages of the decision making process.

Leverage this reach and frequency to deliver low cost leads/form submissions.

The Results

In less then 3 months the team was able to narrow down on a targeting and saturation strategy that now delivers leads at an average cost per form fill / lead of $200 eventually to a cost per form fill of $167. This decreased their CPL by 75%.

  • 391K Impressions
  • .11% CTR
  • 430 clicks
  • 22 Form Fills