Digital Marketing Case Study

Company Overview

A high end regional women’s fashion eCommerce website and blog who wanted to provide a resource for women to shop current fashion trends, and to provide tips on how to educate women on season/occasion specific trends.

The Challenge

After just building a new website to allow eCommerce transactions, the client wanted to drive qualified traffic to a high end/luxury female demographic and encourage purchases that they could track. In addition, they wanted to grow their email/customer database that they could directly market to. Lastly, social media was a large way for them to promote sales.

The Plan

The plan was to demographic target Hispanic/White/African American women between the ages of 18-54, with HHI, along with behavioral targeting across the fashion category, specifically online purchasers. This was complimented with fashion content targeting, and dynamic site retargeting for cart abandonment. Through transactions, customers would provide client email contact info, as well as links to social media channels.

The Results

In 3 months the team accomplished the following:

  • Offered dynamic retargeting/creative for cart abandonment, resulting in high conversions.
  • Grew the email database by 50%.
    Increased social media followers.

3 Month Campaign

  • 436K Impressions
  • .11% CTR
  • 550+ site visits
  • 75 conversions