Furniture Company

Digital Marketing Case Study

Company Overview

A local furniture company needed to be top of mind for all consumers shopping for new furniture.

The Challenge

Today when customers are buying new furniture they search online on sites that offer design & decorating ideas.

Without an online strategy they were missing out on customers everyday.

They needed an online strategy to reach online researchers and turn them into customers.

The Plan

By combining behavior, content, and retargeting the team was able to reach the client’s target / potential high net worth consumer at all stages of the decision making process.

The Results

In 6 months the team accomplished the following:

  • Increased the furniture retailers brand awareness by placing ads on design content sites.
  • Increased site traffic by using data segments for consumers currently “in market” to buy new furniture.

6 Month Campaign

  • 1.2m Impressions
  • .11% CTR
  • 1,320 site visits