Digital Marketing Case Study

Company Overview

This hotel was getting a lot of bookings from OTA’s (online travel agencies) like Expedia, but they had to pay Expedia for every booking that was made. In addition, OTA’s were unwilling to share customer data with them, which eliminated the possibility of directly marketing to existing customers.

The Challenge

Drive in-market travelers, both for business and recreation, to the hotel’s online reservation system so they could harvest customer data and directly market to them with future offers.

In addition, they wanted to drive lunch reservations to their in-hotel restaurant, which featured different daily specials.

The Plan

By using behavioral targeting, we were able to build an entire funnel solution by focusing on frequent travelers, and those in-market for travel to the hotel’s city. By driving visitor’s to their reservation fulfillment page, they harvested leads, and reduced how much they were paying out to OTA’s for bookings.

In addition, targeted business people who worked in the area, and were frequent lunch diners

The Results

Over the last two months, the client was able to reduce spend to OTA’s by more than $1000, and were able to generate 30+ hotel bookings, all while securing the data the travelers provided. They plan to use this data to email and retarget with travel deals, and newsletters.

  • 421K Impressions
  • .12% CTR
  • 478 clicks
  • 26 Form Fills
  • $1500/mo investment