Digital Marketing Case Study

Company Overview

This high end restaurant wanted to target people who lived or worked within a 3 mile radius of the restaurant, as well as people who dined out frequently, enjoyed happy hour, and were craft beer and/or wine enthusiasts.
They also just started opening for lunch, and wanted to increase business during the day-time hours.

The Challenge

Drive the number of reservations that were made, but also market different happy hours that they had throughout the week to help mitigate slow times during the week, as their business on Fri-Sat was great, but other days were slower.

In addition, they wanted to increase lunch business, and would like to target people that worked close.

The Plan

By using demographic, behavioral, and content targeting we were able built overarching campaigns to attract business diners who worked in specific industries with a lunch time special, and swapped out day-parted creative to reflect new weekday specials for happy hour. The last component was a branding campaign targeting people who lived near by, and were frequent diners.

The Results

Over the last three months, the was able to grow lunch business by 45%, and increase happy hour sales by 75%.  As a result, the client is looking to increase targeting to include business catering targets to grow event based business

  • 197K Impressions
  • .14% CTR
  • 268 clicks
  • 72 view throughs
  • $1000/mo investment